Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

It is the policy of PRELUDE OIL & GAS LTD through adoption and practice of safe operating methods and procedures, to conduct its activities in such a manner that the HEALTH and SAFETY of its employees, customers representatives and third parties are safeguarded and due attention is paid to the protection of the ENVIRONMENT. The Company’s goal is “Service without Accident or Injury”.

PRELUDE OIL & GAS recognizes that conducting its business with proper regard to the Health and Safety of persons and protection of the environment is of greatest importance, ranking equal to sales, quality and profits and that no job is so important that it cannot be performed safely.

Consequently, PRELUDE OIL & GAS is committed to the establishment and maintenance of working conditions and practice that will contribute to the vital necessity of protecting human life from harm and danger and property from damage and loss.
Nothing which will promote the health and Safety of persons and protection of the Environment, insofar as is reasonably practicable, shall be neglected.

Quality Policy

Prelude Oil and Gas Ltd. recognises that the maintenance of quality standards in all activities is the key to our success and reputation. The company is therefore committed to a policy to provide a service which fulfils the requirements and expectations of our customers in all ways and also where necessary meets with regulatory requirements.

In order to achieve this commitment, a documented quality management system which meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 has been established in which the Managing Director is responsible for determining measurable objectives for customer satisfaction and the aspirations of the company.

The company aims to ensure:

  • That trained and competent personnel are available focusing at all times on customers needs and expectations.
  • That a high quality of service is given providing optimum value to the customer commensurate with cost.
  • Build a mutually profitable relationship with our customers, ensuring their long-term success, through the understanding of their needs.
  • There is a consistent approach towards public and customer safety.
  • That legislative and regulatory requirements are always complied with.
  • That processes are performed in a cost effective manner.

The system operates from the receipt of an enquiry to completion of the project involving a series of processes which are operated within the business. Appropriate indicators of performance of processes are used to identify potential improvements in the company’s capability and capacity.

The processes and practices are described in a Quality Manual together with other documents which are adhered to by all employees. Objective evidence is provided to demonstrate that the system is maintained and that the processes are being effectively operated.

The company continually improves the effectiveness of the quality management system and the objectives are appraised at management reviews at which this policy is examined for continued suitability.

All employees are made aware of this policy and its objectives and are committed to its implementation.
The system is maintained by ongoing verification activities together with appropriate training and education of those involved and the overall improvements sought are monitored as part of the regular management review of the system.